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Special Issue: Innovations in Biomaterials for Restorative and Prosthetic Dentistry

Edited by:

Dr Victor Pinheiro Feitosa DDS, MSc, PhD (Guest Editor)

Dr Lydia Katarova, DDS, MPH, PhD (Associate Editor of Oral Health and Dental Management) 

Mode of Submission:

Articles can be submitted either to editor or journal office. 
1. Email Submission: Mention Special issue title in Subject line of submission 
a. Editor’s email: victor.feitosa@facpp.edu.br,  lydiakatrova@gmail.com  
b. Journal office: editor@oralhealth.ro or, oralhealthdental@dentaljournals.org  
2. Online Submission through Editorial submission and Review tracking system powered by Scholars Central after registration.

SubmissionTimeline: Open 
Publishing Timeline: September 2019- December 2019

Journal Office Contact: 
Sharma RK and Sophie Kate, 
Managing Editors, 
Oral Health and Dental Management 
what’s app: +447480721009|E: editor@oralhealth.ro

 Journal Description:

“Oral Health and Dental Management (ISSN: 2247-2452)” has a proven research archive of last 16 years. This journal was founded by Prof. Dr. Corneliu Amariei from Constanta and currently runs under supervision of our world class editors and Editor in chief Prof. James E. Jones from Indiana University, USA. Publication and production is handled by Editorial team for assistance and journal office continuously oversees all change in events. The journal maintains two websites, parent website from Romania and one more website with publisher for more visibility of work from authors.

Detailed Biography of Handling Editors:

Dr Victor Pinheiro Feitosa DDS, MSc, PhD (Guest Editor)

 Dr. Victor P. Feitosa has graduated in Dentistry at Piracicaba Dental School, State University of Campinas in 2009, where he performed his Masters and PhD degrees in Dental Materials. During his PhD, he was a visiting PhD student at the Department of Biomaterials and Biophotonics of King's College London Dental Institute at United Kingdom in 2012. After his PhD, his thesis was awarded by Brazilian Government as the best PhD thesis in Dentistry of year 2014. During his Post-doctoral Research Fellow at Federal University of Ceará (Fortaleza, Brazil), he was awarded with IADR Unilever Hatton award at Brazilian division of IADR. Nowadays, he is Full Professor at Unifametro (Fortaleza), Senior Lecturer, Head of Research and Coordinator of the Master’s Program in Clinical Dentistry of Paulo Picanço School of Dentistry (Fortaleza, Brazil). He published more than 60 peer-reviewed high-impact papers, deposited 6 patents, and has expertise in Dental Biomaterials and Restorative Dentistry.

 Dr Lydia Katarova, DDS, MPH, PhD (Associate Editor of Oral Health and Dental Management) 

Prof. Dr. Lydia Katrova completed her PhD from Sofia University and postdoctoral studies from the University of Paris VII, UCLA and HS of PH. She published more than 100 papers, textbooks, monographs in Bulgarian, English, French, and Russian in the fields of medical ethics, public health management, social medicine and prevention, dental ergonomics, dental education, and dental practice management. She is experienced in curricula design, international relations, and healthcare. She is serving as editorial board member, research groups of “Dental ergonomics”, and “Sociological investigations” mentor, Bulgarian and international PhD students’ director, expert-observer at the Council of Chief Dental Officers since 1996. She is a program and institutional expert in higher education, project and dental curricula evaluator with international experience. Her biography is included in the “Great Bulgarian Doctors” Book for 2010. In 2011 she received the Association of Dental Education in Europe award for excellence in dental education for mature educators. In 2012 the Medical University of Sofia recognized her with "Signum Laudis” "for outstanding achievements in research and teaching”. In May 2013 Prof. Katrova with the students’ research group of dental ergonomics hosted in Sofia the Annual congress of the European Society of Dental Ergonomics.

List of Dentistry Conferences 2019 

Conference name



Dental Practice and Oral Health

September 16-17, 2019

Osaka, Japan

40th Asia Pacific Dental and Oral Care Congress

September 16-17, 2019

Osaka, Japan

Dentistry and Dental Materials

September 23-24, 2019

Copenhagen | Denmark

Dental Medicine and Surgery

October 21-22, 2019

Melbourne, Australia

Orthodontics and Endodontics

October 21-22, 2019

Melbourne, Australia

Dental & Oral Health

October 21-22, 2019

Helsinki, Finland

Dental Health & Treatment

October 25-26, 2019

Tokyo, Japan

28thAmerican Dental Congress  (CME & CPD Accredited)

October 25-26, 2019


Oral Health and Dental Medicine

November 21-22, 2019

Dubai, UAE

24th American World Dentistry Congress (CME & CPD Accredited)

December 04-05, 2019

Vancouver, Canada

Cosmetic Dentistry & Orofacial Myology

December 04-05, 2019

Vancouver | Canada

Oral Care & Dentistry

December 09-10, 2019

Yokohama, Japan


For submission of abstract and registration for the above mentioned conferences Journal editorial office can be contacted at oralhealthdental@dentaljournals.org or editor@oralhealth.ro

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